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aquarianqueen's Journal

4 February 1986
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"Say you're leavin' on a 7:30 train and that you're headed out to Hollywood. Girl you've been givin' me that line so many times it kinda' makes feelin' bad look good..."

a rose for emily, all nighters, allyson, amazin fruits, american idol, angelica houston, apple snapple, aquarians, aspen, banana ice cream, bankers club, bars, beast wars, black cats, brunettes rule the world, bugs on the porch, business and cocktails, calypso, camal toe, cheshire cat, chipotle, cigarettes, coconut rum, colorado, david bowie, dorie o'leary, drop dead gorgeous, e!, espanol, estes park, extreme disco, factory girl, freedom, furniture frogs, ghost stories, ghostly pennsylvania, ghosts, guinness, heart, hunter s. thompson, insane people, inside jokes, jade sheridan, janis joplin, jenna phillips, jesus is my homeboy, john lennon, johnny depp, jose cuervo, kamikazes, katie grier, ketchup, koren zailkas, led zeppelin, leonardo dicarpio, life, llyod's bbq, long haired boys, lords of dogtown, love, maggie may, maroon 5, mercedes, money, mtv vj, music, new york city, no jobs, old mud, olives, pa can't handle this, partying, paul mccartney, peter sarasgard, pink, quarry, ralph steadman, reading, robots are our friends, rolling stones, salad fingers, saved by the bell, seafood, senior summer, senior week, silver hoops, singing, steinbeck, stephen king, summer time, super nintendo zelda, super sized doritos, swimming, sylvia plath, teenage wasteland, tequila, the 80's, the beatles, the strokes, the weird, the yellow submarine, tim burton, tripod band, tuscany, tv dinners, video jockey, von dutch, we can do dis, white russians, wiss and skip, wormleysburg, writing, zigga t's, zoobaz pants